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Hi! I am Andrew.

I answer one simple question:

“How do you get to perform at the level that you want?”

Overcome these common blocks to success


Missing skills, knowledge or judgment

Low motivation, incompatible values, desires, and behaviours

Misplaced efforts that cause fatigue without positive results


I will not be good enough. I am too ____ (fill in the blanks)

If I will fail, I will not be loved/liked

I do not have the talent to _____ (fill in the blanks)

Change your mindset, peak your performance

Elite VIP Coaching Product
Commitment Clarifier Product
Team Engagement Workshop Product

Uncover your limiting beliefs and habits that prevent 90% of your happiness and success in your job and in life. Create permanent change with Strategic Intervention Coaching.

Too many things to do? This efficient process gives you full clarity on what results you need to achieve this week, month or quarter – and how. Free up to 12 hours per week for your most meaningful goals.

Analyse your individual and group strengths. Identify what you and your colleagues will and won’t do well on the job. Develop strategies to stay in the zone instead of working against their grain.

The cost of living with stress

Your Profits

The cost to European businesses is estimated to be €617 billion annually - resulting from absenteeism (€272 billion),loss of productivity (€242 billion), healthcare costsof €63 billion and social welfare costs (€39 billion).

Your Effectiveness

39% percent of CFO say that bad hires had cost them productivity, fewer sales. They also said that supervisors spend one day per week managing poorly performing employees.

Your Health

55.6 million European workers report that their mental well-being had been affected by stress in the workplace. Left unchecked, stress contributes to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

How to erase root causes of under-performance

Work away your way.

When we act against our grain, we are not only unhappy, but we also waste our time on tasks that require too much energy. We feel stressed out. For example, when you are good at analyzing huge amounts of data you may find it hard to provide summarize your findings on one presentation slide. Likewise, when you are good at seeing the big picture, you may dread the idea of defining concrete objectives and establishing specific priorities. You cannot be naturally good at both.


Determine which tasks you should absolutely take on yourself and which ones to delegate or dump with an Energy & Focus exercise.

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The Leadership alignment workshop determines exactly know how each team member uniquely solves problems and collaborates with others.

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Sculpt your job how you work. Change your job description from a task list to a purpose statement.

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Partner with your manager and be on the same page about the projects for which you provide the most benefits and how.

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Incredibly effective and generous coach

“Through Andrew’s guidance in executive coaching, I landed a dream opportunity in less than a month. He helped me to give myself permission to follow my passions, start something new, and write the first chapter of a new adventure – after just a few coaching sessions. I call that impactful leadership!”

Alaina Brantner

Meet me at these upcoming events.

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  • Perform at peak, deliver your best value

    Too many things to do? This FREE workshop gives you full clarity of your most important results that you need to achieve this week, month or quarter – and how. You will Identify those commitments that give your clients and projects the highest value while being your best, natural self...Read More

  • How to move teams from ordinary to extraordinary

    Agile-Lean Ireland 2018 Conference, Dublin, Ireland Lightning Talk Smackdown (In collaboration with Anna Kennedy) Transitioning to Scrum shakes up roles. How do Agilists make new teams work at peak when they have much more responsibility for scheduling, prioritizing, and decision making? What can be done to relieve additional pressure? This talk explains how the..Read More

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Really has changed my life

“I had been mulling over decisions for 6 months and after attending a one-day event by Andrew I left with a clear vision. I spoke with my wife and made the step to my new life! Life has been amazing with no worrying and actually doing what has become a pure amazing life! I want to encourage everyone who requires help or guidance in their life to work with Andrew.”

Michael Casserly

Anna Kennedy
5 Stars

"Your very own Yoda, Andrew helped me and my company survive changes, growth spurts and difficult waves, made easier to ride under his wise guidance."

Anna Kennedy

5 Stars

"Andrew has an amazing ability to create an open atmosphere. I felt free to share my personal challenges, reflect on my situation & find my own answers."

Grainne O'Sullivan