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I am Andrew.

I coach senior executives and business owners to manage change, create growth, build trust, and improve communication. Through my coaching and consulting, you will build winning teams that elevate your success, sanity, and happiness.


More Confidence

The number one reason why you fail? You do not portray enough confidence to clients, executives or vendors. But it's not a personality trait. Confidence is a skill that you can learn. I coach you into being more comfortable with who you are, what you stand for, and what you can contribute.

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True Purpose

Launching new products or services, finding new business models, pursuing innovation, or expanding geographically? Your job can be intensely lonely. I am here for advice and support. We will turn your plans into deeper relationships with your family, team and customers.

Stress Cortisol

Less Stress

Conflict, strain or tension with other people are the strongest causes of stress. What kind of people should you surround yourself with? How can you predict success? How can you improve communication with the difficult ones? In just one session we will know the reasons for your relationship headaches and how to eliminate them.

Incredibly effective and generous coach

“Through Andrew’s guidance in executive coaching, I landed a dream opportunity in less than a month. He helped me to give myself permission to follow my passions, start something new, and write the first chapter of a new adventure – after just a few coaching sessions. I call that impactful leadership!”

Alaina Brantner


You are at that moment of life-change right now.

Galway, Ireland - 3rd of March

Life Change Workshop

Really has changed my life

“I had been mulling over decisions for 6 months and after attending a one-day event by Andrew I left with a clear vision. I spoke with my wife and made the step to my new life! Life has been amazing with no worrying and actually doing what has become a pure amazing life! I want to encourage everyone who requires help or guidance in their life to work with Andrew.”

Michael Casserly

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Your Personal Breakthrough

How can I help you? My clients often experience breakthrough moments in our first conversation. What's on your mind?

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Anna Kennedy
5 Stars

"Your very own Yoda, Andrew helped me and my company survive changes, growth spurts and difficult waves, made easier to ride under his wise guidance."

Anna Kennedy

5 Stars

"Andrew has an amazing ability to create an open atmosphere. I felt free to share my personal challenges, reflect on my situation & find my own answers."

Grainne O'Sullivan