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I am Andrew.

Dedicated to helping you create break-through moments in your job and in life. Through my coaching, training and consulting I help you to get absolute clarity on your top goals, isolate and reframe limiting beliefs that have held you back, and coach you through to achieving your specific outcomes.



You are at that moment of life-change right now.


How I help you

Stress Cortisol

Eliminate Stress

IQ tests tell you what you can do. Personality tests tell you what you want to do... but I use tools that find out how you WILL or WON'T go about life and work if you were given the freedom to be yourself. Then we will re-arrange your life to fit your natural talent, thus eliminating stress, conflict, strain and tension,

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Empower Yourself

Embrace your life with authentic purpose. I will guide you along the path of self-discovery. In my coaching sessions, you will find lots of new tools, insights, and ways to breakthrough limiting beliefs that have prevented you from living life your way. You are at that moment of creation every day. And we will seize the opportunity.


Make It Work

My training programs, webinars, and workshops have helped thousands of people to change their careers, save their business, repair their relationships, or make that phone call they knew needed to be made, but it was too painful to do. I will give you the tools to make it work for you - your way and on your own terms.

4 Sessions For

Your Personal Breakthrough

How can I help you? My clients often experience breakthrough moments in our first conversation. What's on your mind?

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Anna Kennedy
5 Stars

"Your very own Yoda, Andrew helped me and my company survive changes, growth spurts and difficult waves, made easier to ride under his wise guidance."

Anna Kennedy

5 Stars

"Andrew has an amazing ability to create an open atmosphere. I felt free to share my personal challenges, reflect on my situation & find my own answers."

Grainne O'Sullivan

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