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We coach leaders to make decisions

with confidence and certainty.

Great insight into how I will keep moving forward

Andrew’s workshop gave me great insight into how I will keep moving forward without doing the two-legged/feet driving. Brake then gas, break and gas! Read more “Great insight into how I will keep moving forward”

Eileen Paulo Chrisco

Enabled me have a deeper understanding of myself

Andrew’s guidance has allowed me to organize myself better and be mindful of how I am working every single day based on my profile. Read more “Enabled me have a deeper understanding of myself”

Eliana M. Reyes

Showed me how strong and confident I actually am

Andrew showed me how strong and confident I actually am. I thank him and his wife Ann for showing me that I am a wonderful, strong, confident, beautiful person and a force to be reckoned with. Read more “Showed me how strong and confident I actually am”

Anne Casserly Forde

I felt free to share my personal challenges

“Andrew has an amazing ability to create an open atmosphere. I felt free to share my personal challenges, reflect on my situation & find my own answers.” Read more “I felt free to share my personal challenges”

Grainne O'Sullivan

Turning point in my career

Andrew will help you fine-tune your work methods according to your strengths. Whether you are in a rut or simply want to improve the way you work, this training could be the turning point in your career. Read more “Turning point in my career”

Isabelle Delabre

Very experienced coach

The Commitment Clarifier is a great exercise to define your everyday tasks and see which are the ones you should continue doing personally (your preferred tasks) because you are not only good at them, but you also enjoy doing them. Read more “Very experienced coach”

Orsolya Fabian

Your chance to count on your very own Yoda

Andrew helped me and my company survive changes, growth spurts and difficult waves, made easier to ride under his wise guidance. Read more “Your chance to count on your very own Yoda”

Anna Woodward Kennedy

Incredibly effective and generous coach

Through Andrew’s guidance in executive coaching, I landed a dream opportunity in less than a month. Read more “Incredibly effective and generous coach”

Alaina Brantner

Really has changed my life

Life has been amazing with no worrying and actually doing what has become a pure amazing life! I want to encourage everyone who requires help or guidance in their life to work with Andrew.” Read more “Really has changed my life”

Michael Casserly

Kolbe Award
"Represents the top tier of consultants helping leaders and organizations better use their strengths."

David Kolbe CEO, Kolbe Corp.

What is in the way of your success?


Missing skills, knowledge or judgment

Low motivation, incompatible values, desires, and behaviours

Misplaced efforts that cause fatigue without positive results


I will not be good enough. I am too ____ (fill in the blanks)

If I will fail, I will not be loved/liked

I do not have the talent to _____ (fill in the blanks)


Real stories, real successes.


Positive thoughts and action.


No stress, all flow.

I work hard to provide participants with cutting-edge education. My workshops are based on my real-world experiences and a track record of successfully managing change and building high-performing teams. I tell real stories. People forget facts, but they remember authentic stories.

I provide an optimal mix of entertainment and knowledge sharing at t workshops. Instead of bombarding you with information, I focus on inspiring for action. You will leave with a personal action plan and a commitment to yourself to make the changes you need to succeed.  
You will not merely learn at my workshops: you will do. I use Kolbe A Indexes in all of my programs. They have been scientifically verified to increase real on-the-job success by up to 82%. You will change your thought processes, focus, and language to help you to ‘keep at it’ even when it gets hard.