Trust Your Gut: How following your instincts changes your sales process

Have you ever bought the second-best product because you did not get along with the salesperson who sold the better one?

Selling is a lot like dating. Two high-quality people do not necessarily get along well. While their values and motivations may be the same, how they go about life can drive them apart.

Meet Mark and Maria, two people with completely different ways of working. They have equal strengths and experience. Both have been successful in the past.

Which one would click better with you? Which one would you want on your team? Who would you buy from? At what stage would you decide to end the relationship?

1.    Prospecting/Cold Calling/Sales Development

Mark: “When I believe in what I am selling, I go on a mission to tell the world about it – anytime, anywhere.

Maria: “Forget doing cold calls. I will just stress myself out. Instead, I check everything I can about the prospect before calling.”

2.    Following a script

Mark: “What script? That dialogue in the selling guide that was given as an example? Oh….I didn’t realize I was supposed to actually follow it just the way it was written.

Maria: “Unless I find a very good reason to fight the system, I will stick with what works.

3.    Special Offers and Promotions

Mark: “When my instincts tell me it’s appropriate, I offer special clients and prospects more favourable pricing/terms than is typical.

Maria: “I find out what my clients and prospects need most, then I bundle or regroup products or services so that they will be getting the highest possible value.

4.    Reporting

Mark: “My problem isn’t necessarily with gathering the information – it’s losing it once I have it.

Maria: “My written records allow others to pick up where I let off.

5.    Handling Objections and Negotiations

Mark: “I ask myself what the customer is not sure of. What I offer? What they want? Affordability? Chemistry between us? I will proactively remove or accommodate these objections.”

Maria: “I let the client do the talking. I only answer questions so that I stay focused on removing the obstacle– and don’t open the door for additional objections.

6.    Closing

Mark: “I walk in the door ready to close the sale with giving a hot deal in return for an immediate decision.

Maria: “If I hear the buyer asking if it’s OK to place an order, I will take my time to be sure I am making the right offer.

7.    Providing Service

Mark: “Delivering is operations’ problem. Let’s find the next client.

Maria: “I solidify long-term relationships by personally delivering or calling for help repairing, transporting or protecting the investment my clients make in our product/service.

Which one would you pick?

There is no right or wrong, the question is only which one is a better fit with YOUR company.

Selling is not just about your product and services. People don’t buy from you because you have what they need. They buy from people who have a similar mode of operations and beliefs.

Great salespeople have experience, knowledge and a track record. The high-performers also have the right instincts that work for your business.

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