Too many things to do? This FREE workshop gives you full clarity of your most important results that you need to achieve this week, month or quarter – and how. You will Identify those commitments that give your clients and projects the highest value while being your best, natural self. You will leave the workshop with insights and tools that you can implement immediately at work.

At the workshop, you will begin priming yourself for success:

• Understand how your three parts of the mind can sabotage your plans
• Identify your four action modes and unique strengths
• Make the two strongest behavioural forces work for, not against, you
• Recognise the root causes for your stress patterns
• Focus on activities that keep you ‘in flow’
• Delegate or dump the most stressful activities

You will leave with concrete action plan that will strengthen your relationships and significance with your project stakeholders and clients.


Galway Chamber,
Commerce House,
Merchant’s Road,
Galway, Co. Galway, Ireland

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