Speed, surprise, and effectiveness of action are three principles I learned during my work with special forces and special agents. I had supported the legendary Behavioral Science Unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a few years. However, full work only began after my top-secret clearance in 2011/

From Dr. Gregory Vecchi, then head of the legendary Behavioral Science Unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, I learned the concepts of negotiation and de-escalation. Greg and I would eventually teach sheriff academies in de-escalation and defensive techniques.

Our training course got approved by Peace Officer Standards and Training, more commonly known as POST. It’s a board or council of people appointed by the Governor to set the educational requirements for police officers. Law Enforcement Officers will get 8 credits against their continuing education requirements after successfully participating in our workshop.

I am using the fundamentals of my teachings, but also my own insights, in all of my coaching, consulting and training.

For example, I learned that even the best-trained agents will fail within a few seconds if their action has not been conditioned to be natural reflexes. In fact, I helped the defensive tactics unit to improve their program by turning agents’ defensive moves into natural reflexes.

The same principle applies to teaching people how to

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Relate better to peers
  • Manage projects their way instead of making themselves fit into a project
  • Sell it their way

Think about it. Take, for example, Meyers-Briggs: When was the last time you that along the lines of ‘I am an ENTJ, and I am dealing with an INTF, and therefore I now need to change the way I behave or communicate? If your answer is ’never,’ then you are not alone. When under stress, we all revert to our instincts.

Today, everything I do needs to work under fast and under stress. Even finding breakthroughs in my executive coaching sessions. If it does not pass that test all over again, I won’t use it.