As one of the first in Germany who understood how computers will change the world, my team and I reported on computer games, virtual reality, business, changes in the workplace, impact the music business, workplace, adult entertainment industry, health, child and cyber security.

Wasn’t a hit though. Although Stefan von Holtzbrinck helped us to sell the show to a national audience, broadcasters at the time felt that the ‘show was excellent, but has no market.’ Which is what newspapers said about Bill Gates a few years earlier. And Bill Gates motivated me to go into ‘multimedia’, so I believed I was on the right track.

It is also true that it’s easier to recover from a wrong decision with a billion dollars in cash on your bank account. Me? I took a while.

Stefan von Holtzbrinck helped out, hired me a worldwide director of Multimedia. A few months later he moved me to New York, NY where I worked out of Scientific American’s offices.

Some of my news shows were republished as multimedia CD-ROMs.