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Strategic Intervention is all about uncovering limiting beliefs and habits that prevent 90% of your happiness and success in your job and in life. It's about creating permanent change fast, very often in a first or second session.



What is it that holds us back, and what is it that sets us free? Strategic Intervention is all about uncovering limiting beliefs and habits that prevent 90% of your happiness and success in your job and in life.

Strategic Interventions create permanent change where people not only help themselves, but then turn around to help others.

All kinds of coaching and personality assessments work. The only frustration that most people report is that it takes so long to make a difference.

Take, for example Myers-Briggs, which is helpful in gaining an understanding of your style and how you relate to others, but it’s not applicable in the real world. When was the last time you heard someone say something along the lines of ‘I am an ENTJ, and I am dealing with an INTF, and therefore I now need to change the way I behave or communicate?’ If your answer is ’never,’ then you’re re not alone. When under stress, we all revert to our instincts.

Performance management is often an additional source of great frustration for employees who do not clearly understand their goals or what is expected of them at work. In the end, it’s a leadership problem.

Managers often act in what they think is best for the company, but in their focus on company KPI they neglect to build unique development strategies around their teams individual, innate talents.

If you have been doing what you have always done – without seeing positive results – then maybe it’s time to try a new approach. Make sure that your team members are always in roles where they get to use those strengths every day, and break their patterns and habits that are in the way of their and your success.

Strategic intervention aims at achieving such breakthroughs fast, very often in a first or second session.

In  Andrew’s work with the legendary Behavioral Science Unit at the FBI, he has learned that all tools and techniques need to work fast and under severe pressure, else all falls apart. All kind of training and coaching has to stand the reality test: How will a person change behavior under stress. Will a person still apply new strategies and responses when the stakes are high and emotions run deep?

Be assured that everything Andrew does, passes that test.

In order for personal change to be truly effective, it must a) engage the person’s innermost human needs, b) empower that person in their relationships, c) be right for their stage of life – in other words, trigger a whole new level of growth in the person, d) ultimately lead to leadership and contribution – helping others.

Using the concepts of Strategic Intervention, Andrew focuses on a) your needs and b) your life stage. These two go together. Because every moment of your life, every decision you make is influenced by the way you meet what we call your Six Human Needs.

This is a universal way to understand anyone in your life – especially yourself. If you can understand and create a change in your human needs, you transform your life (guaranteed.)

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    anna.woodward (verified owner)

    If you are lucky enough to be on this page, don’t miss the opportunity to get yourself or your company gently but firmly and effectively guided by Andrew and his Team Lawless through any challenges you might be facing: growth, crisis, breakthrough or breakdown. Here is your chance to count on your very own Yoda, like I did. Andrew helped me and my company survive changes, growth spurts and difficult waves, made easier to ride under his wise guidance. I cannot thank Team Lawless enough for all their help, encouragement and wisdom imparted on all of us. Because no hero’s journey is ever complete without a hero or heroine meeting their mentor at a time of change, crisis or breakthrough. Andrew is the mentor that gives the hero the supplies, knowledge, and confidence required to overcome his or her fear and face life’s big adventure.

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