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Strategic Intervention is all about uncovering limiting beliefs and habits that prevent 90% of your happiness and success in your job and in life. It’s about creating permanent change fast, very often in a first or second session.



What is it that holds us back, and what is it that sets us free?

Certified in Strategic Intervention, Andrew’s coaching is all about uncovering limiting beliefs and habits that prevent 90% of your happiness and success in your job and in life.

You will find answers to one empowering questions:

‘What would need to be in place for me to live and work at peak?

People seek my advice for two reasons. They are either already performing at higher levels and need that extra push, or they are wondering:



  • Are my relationships strong?
  • How do I enjoy life?
  • I need fun, is it too late?
  • How will I have certainty?


  • What have I accomplished?
  • Are my teams performing?
  • How hire and retain the right talent?
  • How do I improve stakeholder relationships?

Your VIP Elite Coaching Package

  • Two one-on-one virtual coaching sessions per month for a period of 12 consecutive months for a total of 24 sessions.
  • Kolbe A Index assessment, it’s interpretation and implementation in your life.
  • 2 monthly assignments to complete between coaching sessions
  • Assignment follow up on coaching session

Strategic Interventions create permanent change where people not only help themselves, but then turn around to help others.

If you have been doing what you have always done – without seeing positive results – then maybe it’s time to try a new approach.

Make sure that you are always in roles where you get to use your strengths every day, and break the patterns and habits that are in the way of your success.

Strategic intervention aims at achieving such breakthroughs fast, very often in a first or second session.

In Andrew’s work with the legendary Behavioral Science Unit at the FBI, he has learned that all tools and techniques need to work fast and under severe pressure, else all falls apart.

All kind of training and coaching has to stand the reality test: How will a person change behavior under stress. Will a person still apply new strategies and responses when the stakes are high and emotions run deep?

Be assured that everything Andrew does, passes that test.



Your first coaching goals



Your life in perspective of your key relationships, joy, pain, and hope.


Build your
Wheel of Life

Creating your plan. What is not working for you? What needs to happen?



Choose action for the parts of life that are most important for you.


Use your
natural strengths

Understand your talents and your Kolbe A Profile.


Prepare for
peak performance

Do, doctor, delegate or dump your action items to stay in flow or at peak.


Your basic
human needs

Identify your dominant human needs and prioritize your life.


Build your
success mindset

Develop the emotional state you need to achieve your goals.


success planning

Reverse engineer your goals and set milestones.


unconstructive patterns

Find patterns and triggers that keep your from your purpose/focus.

3 reviews for VIP Elite Coaching

  1. anna.woodward (verified owner)

    If you are lucky enough to be on this page, don’t miss the opportunity to get yourself or your company gently but firmly and effectively guided by Andrew and his Team Lawless through any challenges you might be facing: growth, crisis, breakthrough or breakdown. Here is your chance to count on your very own Yoda, like I did. Andrew helped me and my company survive changes, growth spurts and difficult waves, made easier to ride under his wise guidance. I cannot thank Team Lawless enough for all their help, encouragement and wisdom imparted on all of us. Because no hero’s journey is ever complete without a hero or heroine meeting their mentor at a time of change, crisis or breakthrough. Andrew is the mentor that gives the hero the supplies, knowledge, and confidence required to overcome his or her fear and face life’s big adventure.

  2. casserly56 (verified owner)

    I recently attended an event run by Andrew Lawless, Be your Best 2018. After toying with the idea of attending the event and leaving it until the last few days to book my place, I finally decided to head along. I was interested in the Kolbe test how this would work with me. I took the Kolbe before the day and was already for the day. I went to the event with a burning desire for a business opportunity that I have been working on over the last few months. But it came to a point where I really wanted to follow my heart but just was not sure if I could or should, as we all know it’s easy to stand still and hold on to what we have got.

    I was fortunate to get straight into the event as Andrew came to me first and straight away he had me believing in myself. He made me feel very comfortable and listened to what I had to say and how I felt, after going around the room, everyone seemed to have a similar mindset and I was not the only one with the world on my shoulders! Andrew went through the day probing and pulling information out of people and carried out some interesting practical situations which were amazing. Andrew could foresee situations before they happened with the help of the Kolbe test. This was so interesting! I am trying to keep this short but the day with Andrew really has changed my life and I really want to encourage people if they require help or guidance in their life to get to an event run by Andrew. My day totally changed on an exercise where we closed our eyes and see our lives in 5, 10, 20 years I did this exercise with the two businesses I was currently involved with, one I have built up over 15 years to reasonable success or a my second business which I have found such a tremendous passion for, being at a 40+ age with family it’s not always that simple to change, as I thought! After the exercise of closing my eyes and thinking of the future one road ended in my death in 20 years and the other ended with me going to my daughter’s wedding! I was shocked, upset of the outcome, yet it was clear! Yes we can all see the difference but how many of us change? I had been mulling over this decision for 6 months, with the exercises given to me by Andrew at the end of the day I had made my decision! As I left the event and after talking to other attendees, I spoke with my wife and made the step to my new life! Life has been amazing, 3 weeks of not worrying and actually doing what has become a pure amazing life! Reading over this I still do not feel I have done Andrew justice, I attended one of Andrew’s sit down meetings last night to personally thank him and to learn more from this amazing man! Thanks I am the best of me!

  3. alainab (verified owner)

    Andrew Lawless is an incredibly effective and generous coach and teacher. I had the pleasure of Andrew’s guidance in executive coaching and through the resources he makes freely available to the public on his website, such as the article ‘How to find your dream job in 30 days.’ Following Andrew’s advice, I was indeed able to land a dream opportunity in less than a month – after just a few coaching sessions. I call that impactful leadership!

    Thank you, Andrew! With your help I was able to give myself the permission that I hadn’t been able to give to follow my passions, start something new, and write the first chapter of a new adventure!

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