Commitment Clarifier

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Too many things to do? This efficient process gives you full clarity of what results you need to achieve this week, month or quarter – and how.


Too many things to do?

This efficient process gives you full clarity of what results you need to achieve this week, month or quarter.

  • Identify those activities that give your clients or projects the highest value
  • Isolate those tasks that you absolutely should not take on yourself
  • Delegate to-dos to those people that can provide better value to your commitments

You will analyze tasks for best fit with all three parts of your mind: What are you naturally good at? Do you like it? Do you have the skills/knowledge?

Your Commitment Clarifier process includes

  • Assessment of how you will and won’t naturally take action
  • Kolbe A report that reveals your instinctive talents
  • Leader Guide with customized, prescriptive coaching tips
  • 60-minute one-on-one Commitment Clarifier Session

Upon completion of the Commitment Clarifier you will be able to:

  • Achieve the results you need and deserve while having the freedom to be yourself
  • Arrange your schedule exclusively for tasks with highest value awareness
  • Get more done in less time
  • Spend more time and energy on what matters most to you

1 review for Commitment Clarifier

  1. Orsolya Fabian (verified owner)

    The Commitment Clarifier is a great exercise to define your everyday tasks and see which are the ones you should continue doing personally (your preferred tasks) because you are not only good at them, but you also enjoy doing them. The exercise helps you find the ones you are able to do but it takes too much of your energy and you don’t even like the process. In this case it is better to delegate these tasks to someone else who has better talent in completing them. If you are able to list all of your tasks, you will be able to select those areas where you can fully use your talent, energy and time.
    Andrew guided us through this exercise, helped us define our tasks and with his help we could identify not only the areas where we will need more help in the future in order to be more effective, but also the ones we like the most, so we can further develop them to be even better and create more value to our company and clients.
    I find that taking the Kolbe A test is essential if you want to understand your areas of strength. Andrew helped us analyze the results and find out what are the areas we are naturally good at and where are the ones we will need more help in order to develop a more successful business. We matched our results and saw how we could work better together and what are those questions/tasks we should never ask/expect from the other – because we are not good enough at them.
    Andrew is a very experienced coach who knows these methods very well, and I’m sure we will benefit from this experience when we work on taking our business to the next level.

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