7 ways how Artificial Intelligence stretches you beyond normal

The job seekers market will soon be over for many and intensify for others. Whether you are hiring or seeking positions, here is what it takes to be on the right side of the line.

The increased pace of innovations and the convergence of emerging technologies destroy old industries faster than new industries evolve.

In addition, the use of artificial intelligence will motivate managers to create leaner organizations, fill fewer positions with high-potential people, and measure performance and well-being of their chosen few.

Unemployment will rise.

Welcome to ECTASIS – the state of being stretched beyond normal dimensions.

Evaluation. Employers will use big data to measure and report on actual on-the-job performance and employee well-being. Everybody, including managers, will be under the microscope. Underperforming ones will be fired.

Communication. Machines will process and parse more data. But artificial intelligence won’t replace all professionals. Project managers, doctors and lawyers will still need to engage stakeholders and talk to clients.

Team Synergy: People will need to be able to fit in a diverse set of teams with different sets of strengths, personalities and specialisation. They must have a positive impact on team diversity and complementary talents.

Assessment. Artificial Intelligence will match workers with employers. It is also true that hiring managers will rely on extensive search and evaluation methods, such as Kolbe Indexes. High Potential Talent that owns will be ‘acqui-hired.’

Specialisation. Specific and relevant skills and experience will become more important with the automation of repetitive tasks. But big data is usually dumb data. Actionable insights will still come from technoscientific human analysts. At least for a while.

Intelligent Emotions. The ability to sense other people’s emotions, keeping your own disruptive impulses under control, the proficiency in initiating new ideas, and leading people in a new direction will be dominant practical competencies.

Sand dune teams. People will move more frequently from one project to the next. They will be part of multiple teams with varying configurations simultaneously.

Here are three solutions that you can implement today to future-proof yourself and your business.

RightFit hiring process ensures that candidates have a positive impact on teams. This recruitment process produces candidates with an 82% actual on-the-job success compared to about 20% that most recruiters report.

Team Engagement workshops deploy a series of tools, reports, and interactive exercises that analyse individual and team strengths, identify what people will and won’t do well on the job, and develop strategies to work at the level you need.

Strategic Intervention uncovers your limiting beliefs and habits that prevent 90% of your happiness and success in your job and in life. This coaching approach creates desired change or breakthroughs fast, often in a first or second session. You will find answers to one empowering questions: ‘What would need to be in place for me to live and work at peak?”

To speak with Marie Forleo: Stay on your game, because the world really does need that special gift that only you have.

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